Poster and brochure, print.

This was a sophomore year class assignment based around designing a poster for a national park. The focus was to celebrate an aspect of a park in the way WPA posters once had, but produced digitally and revitalized. After designing the poster, I was assigned the task of creating a complimentary park brochure using the Unigrid system. 

I selected Katmai National Park, located in southern Alaska. At the time of this project I actually hadn’t heard of Katmai before outside of their annual Fat Bear Week, a celebration of the bears’ hibernation preparation.

Despite this being an early project, I’m still incredibly proud to show it to others. It’s a fusion of my design skills and my background in illustration. Someday I hope to visit Katmai National Park in person. Odds are, I’ll recognize a lot of the iconic sites I reviewed while preparing for this project.
My work setup. Visible here: a close up of the painted poster, opened in Adobe Photoshop.

My preparation for this project involved researching the park scenery and how best to paint it. This 2’x3’ poster captures the dynamic feeling I got from the park.

As a project, this poster was fairly process-heavy. My first drafts involved color selection and simple sketching. I think I knew my project was “ready” when I added the bit of red, seen in the final. It tied everything together.