In my sophomore year, a class of mine involved creating a fictional film festival and then designing a poster for it. My film festival featured animated movies with posters inspired by significant scenes from each movie. 

When I considered reusing the poster art for other promotional materials this year, since I remembered liking the art, I realized that after two years I could probably make something better. I believe there’s visible improvement between these two works. This comparison is meant to be a reflection of that— my growth over the last two years and how my art and design skills have developed into something stronger.

This illustration is an homage to the animation studio that made the movie Song of the Sea, Cartoon Saloon.

Cartoon Saloon is probably one of my favorite animation studios, after Laika. Animation is a huge part of what’s inspired me to participate in design and art in general, and any time I can focus on animation in my design work I’ll do my best to take that opportunity. I hope to replicate this drawing again in the future as a benchmark of improvement.