Logo design, digital.

The Old Spaghetti Factory is a family-style Italian restaurant known for reliable meals and its quirky interior. After half a century of antique furniture, varied and ornate lamps, and little metal bowls of spumoni, I felt they deserved a new logo. They’ve kept the same one since opening and, while classic, they were in need of an update or two.

    My rebrand was focused around the logo but had to fit into their website’s design, which was likely redesigned within the past couple of years. The website was fine, honestly, and didn’t need any extra complication from me. The fact that someone else had already done this work forced me to adopt an existing brand system, in a way. Most school design projects are done by one person, from start to finish.

My version of the logo is meant to be the negative space of a trolley, from the front. The red and orange are large, curved windows while the yellow circle is meant to be a light on the front of the trolley car.

    Since their first restaurant, OSF has included an old trolley car in as many restaurants as possible. The old logo drew inspiration from noodles, and from the mirrors and frames one might find in their restaurants. I wanted to do the same but with one of their most popular pieces of decor.

To the right are some of my concept sketches— the process of designing a logo takes a lot of thought and several iterations. Since this project and the other logo projects in my portfolio, I’ve realized I really enjoy this stage of designing something new.