Logo design, print and digital.

One of my first works in the real world! In late 2020 I was hired to make a new logo for a therapy practice in Portland, Salal Psychotherapy. The strength and cycles of regrowth that the Salal plant shows are two of the reasons this plant was picked.

The project was heavily inspired by the northwest, where the plant is found. In particular, the style of the salal branch was taken from Sauvie Island farms and downtown’s Saturday Market produce stands.
A hand-drawn style and a serif font were essential.

Currently, Salal Psychotherapy is rebuilding their website, but this was an exciting step for them in incorporating their business. To the left is a comparison of their original logo with the one I made for them.

I plan on providing more once I can see my work in their practice.

For now, here are some banners I made for them, and the concept sketches for the logo design. Getting the right shape for the leaves was essential, something that I ended up having to track down a piece of the plant in order to draw properly. I think it was worth it, though.