Illustration, print.

Vinyl stickers are a beloved means of cheap and expansive customization, and I’m grateful to have been able to make a few of my own. From street art to PNW pride to (unflattering) pet illustrations, sticker art is always an excellent opportunity to test my creative abilities.

Making and using stickers in my spare time has been rewarding— I love seeing the miniature art galleries people curate on their water bottles, laptops, notebooks, etc. Creating art specifically for this means of sharing is a delight and always presents some unique challenge.

Stickers have always been and will continue to be a personal project to share and help me connect with the people who enjoy them. If you make stickers and you’re reading this, please email me to show me yours. That sounds really neat to see.

I’ve always loved stickers. Growing up I was one of those kids who could never decide where to put them or worry they’d look ugly however I composed them. But now, as an adult, it’s become a means of connecting with other creatives. Creating art specifically for this way of sharing is a delight and always presents some unique challenge.

In this past year I’ve gotten into making stickers as part of an apprecation for Portland’s street and sticker art scenes. I’m not especially good at putting them up (is that a good or a bad thing?), but I admire the style of them and like having my own distinct “brand” for making them.

Being able to share my political stance— against conservatives and in favor of equity for all, in support of environmental conservation and in opposition to things like oil pipelines across indigenous land— is an important to me. Making this sort of media allows me to work with my favorite aspects of design without worrying about their inherent marketability.